Ceyhan OSGB

CEYHAN Joint Health and Safety Unit, which started its operations in the first months of 2017, provides services with occupational health and safety professionals who are specialized in their field, have academic careers, and have achieved success throughout Turkey.


To guide the implementation of occupational health and safety in all establishments without making any distinction between hazard classes. Employees working and producing with the awareness of occupational health and safety while building the prosperous future of our country, A system where employers can meet all the needs of their employees in a complete, economical and rational way; To operate without compromising our ethical and moral values in line with the orders and instructions notified to us by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, in the light of relevant laws and regulations.


To work tirelessly to fulfill our material and moral duties towards our country, by sharing our knowledge and experience with our state and nation, while being Turkey’s leading occupational health and safety company in the coming years.