Periodic Health Scans

Our specialist workplace physicians determine the physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic, and psychosocial risks to which the employees will be exposed, and determine the examinations that the workers who apply to work in these jobs should do before starting the job by being involved in the recruitment processes, and ensure that they are done.

The Main Purpose of Periodic Health Examinations is to organize Health screenings.

Experienced workplace physicians of Ceyhan OSGB arrange the necessary biochemical and radiological examinations, physiological tests, examinations and porter examinations depending on the nature of the job and the characteristics of the employees. It monitors and inspects the general hygiene conditions of workplace add-ons such as canteen, kitchen, toilet, etc., by carrying out vaccination studies in order to control communicable diseases. It regulates the periodic laboratory tests and physiological measurements of the employees at certain intervals according to the nature of the work done.

It arranges the employment and periodic health examinations of the workers in accordance with the occupational health and safety legislation and ensures that the data obtained are kept at the workplace.

Experienced workplace physicians of Ceyhan Osgb conduct the necessary examinations for each employee and issue a document confirming that they are suitable for the job. It conducts examinations and makes recommendations for the appropriate job placement of employees such as vulnerable risk groups, those with a diagnosis or suspected occupational disease, those with chronic diseases, those with substance abuse, and those who have had multiple work accidents.


Workplace Health Occupational Disease and Legal notifications

Ceyhan Osgb cooperates with the workplace doctor and occupational safety specialist in synchronization and records the work related to health surveillance in the workplace. Prepares the annual evaluation report in accordance with the sample specified in the regulation. It ensures that notifications are made within the legal period in case of occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

Keeping records related to occupational health and safety in the archive for 15 years

It ensures that the health records of the employees and the health surveillance information are archived and stored for 15 years.