First Aid Trainings

In case of any accident or life endangerment, the applications that are carried out without medication in order to save the life of the injured person or to prevent the situation from getting worse until the paramedics come to help are called first aid. NO MEDICATION IS USED IN FIRST AID APPLICATION…..!

What is the purpose of first aid?

  • To protect and sustain life
  • To maintain vital functions
  • To prevent the patient’s condition from worsening
  • Facilitate your recovery

What should be the characteristics and responsibilities of the first aider?

He should be calm, unhurried, confident, calm the patient, evaluate the environment, determine whether there is a risk due to the ongoing danger, should not endanger his own life safety during the procedure, organize other people to inform the health institutions, fire brigade and security, evaluate the patient’s condition and determine the appropriate should start first aid, ensure that the patient reaches the health institution as soon as possible,

What do first aid basic applications include?

Protection, information, rescue (KBK) are the basic practices of first aid.

Protection: The most important step in protection is to determine the dangers that may occur at the scene and to create a safe environment.

Notification: It is the reporting of the incident or accident to aid organizations as quickly as possible by using communication tools through other persons at the accident site. It is essential to make notifications via the 112 emergency phone number.

Recovery: It should be done quickly, calmly.

First Aid Regulations

As stated in the official gazette dated March 18, 2004 and numbered 25406, the employment of first aid and compulsory first aid is 1 for every 20 personnel employed in all institutions and organizations, and 1 for every 10 personnel for heavy and dangerous works, at least (basic) It is obligatory to have a first aider who has a certificate of first aid training.


Institutions and organizations that do not have a first aider are subject to action in accordance with Article 295 of the General Hygiene Law No. 1593.