According to the 11th and 12th Articles of the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and the regulation on the protection of buildings from fire, the employer, workplace environment, materials used for manufacturing, work equipment, the environment where the enterprise is located, other enterprises in the vicinity of the enterprise, geological and meteorological conditions. It is obliged to evaluate the emergencies that may occur in advance and to take preventive and restrictive measures so that the employees and the working environment are least affected by possible negativities. Occupational Health and Safety Specialists, fire, earthquake, flood sabotage, work accident, terrorist events, meteorological events, landslide etc. Considering the situations, it should provide training, exercise and technical consultancy services in enterprises. The emergency action plan should be a process that primarily protects employee health and safety and then the environment. In the preparation of the emergency action plan,

  • Possible emergencies are evaluated,
  • All emergencies that may affect the employees and the working environment are determined,
  • It ensures that measures are taken to prevent or limit the effects of possible emergencies,
  • Necessary measurements and evaluations are made in order to be protected from the negative effects of emergencies,
  • Employees are prepared for emergencies with drills and evacuation scenarios,
  • Emergency signs, evacuation plans, meeting places and emergency teams are created,
  • Emergency teams are trained on issues such as protection, rescue, extinguishing, first aid, flood, sabotage and earthquake,
  • It is ensured that all employees are informed about the emergency action plans.